Small Works Group Show 2016 – 60 Artists

2016, oil on hard board, 12 x 9 cm
Mother of God, 2016, oil on hard board, 12 x 9 cm

beinArt Gallery presents Small Works 2016. This group exhibition features 60 of the most highly skilled and imaginative artists in the new contemporary art movement. With all works under 10” x 10” (25.4 x 25.4cm) this greatly anticipated exhibition will offer collectors a rare opportunity to acquire affordable art from a host of internationally celebrated artists.

WHEN: Opens Saturday, September 17, 6pm – 9pm. Runs until October 9.

Contact us for early online preview and sales enquiries.

ARTISTS: Ron English, Josh Keyes, Henrik Uldalen, David Stoupakis, Jana Brike, Brian Viveros, Dan Quintana, Marco Mazzoni, Tiffany Bozic, Naoto Hattori, Johnson Tsang, Chet Zar, Bec Winnel, Alex garant, Dan May, Laurie Hogin, Redd Walitzki, Mahlimae, Jon Jaylo, Eric Joyner, N.C. Winters, Robert Craig, Scott Scheidly, Ben Howe, Marnia Dieul, Adrian Cox, Richard J Oliver, Robert Steven Connett, Miso, Matt Dangler, Menton3, Jean Labourdette, Dietmar Gross, Matt Levin, Sarah Dolby, Francien Krieg, Maria Teicher, Jason Limon, Lisa Ericson, Larkin, Rachael Bess, Heather McLean, Crawww, Courtney Brims, Ville Löppönen, Lucia Mocnay, Nom Kinnear King, Rory Coyne, Santiago Caruso, Jel Ena, Sean Layh, Tim Molloy, Bryan Itch, Claire Toms, Kim Evans, Heather Nevay, Steve Cross, Gerard geer & Dale Keogh

WHERE: beinArt Gallery / 1 Sparta Place, Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC 3056, Australia